I was watching CNN a few nights ago when they were showing an hour-long special about the “British Invasion” of the 1960s.  You may remember “The Ed Sullivan Show” featured The Beatles when they came to New York fifty years ago. The foursome brought the fire of change to our youth culture.

I was a little tired that night as it was getting towards my bedtime, but I watched most of the special.   


It included some of the other rock and roll performers that I grew up with.

Since Bill had already gone to bed, I talked with him the next morning about The Beatles, still his favorite rock and roll group.  I don’t remember “The Ed Sullivan Show” that introduced The Beatles, I was six-years-old, going-on-seven.  I do remember a lot from that time, though.

I remember playing with my friends in their backyard as we girls pretended we were The Beatles.  We had sticks for guitars and sat on my friend’s picnic table, playing whatever song we were pretending in our fantasy world.

I guess we were too young to “like” them yet as older girls might. I recall some dispute

about who was going to play who and I think I ended up being George Harrison. Maybe Harrison was my favorite back then. But, his song is the one I remembered when Bill asked me what my favorite Beatles song was.  I answered, one of them was, “Here Comes the Sun,” which was written by Harrison.

After Bill and I had our morning chat, he went into his office room to cruise the Internet. I looked on my own computer for a video of George Harrison’s hopeful end-of-winter song.  The mid-morning sun was just beginning to shine through the window after many days of dreary, bone-chilling weather.

I found and connected to my old favorite tune. As the song played, tears filled my eyes.  I knew that spring was not far off.

This winter, too, would pass: “Here Comes the Sun!” –and it’s alright.  😉


Linda Rosenthal  (Feb. 14) adds, “Le’s story  in the Feb. ‘14 issue  caught my attention. It was about WWII’s D-day. My uncle was killed that day on Omaha Beach on June 6, 1944.”    

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