This novel was inspired by “Migrant Mother,” a photograph taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936.  The picture captures the iconic image of the Great Depression. The book’s author, Marisa Silver, re-imagines the lives of both the photographer and the subject in the photo.

Silver interweaves the stories of Mary Coin, a young mother grappling with the cruel realities of raising a family during the depression, and Vera Dare, a brilliant young photographer facing life-altering decisions of her own.

This dual portrait investigates the depths of the human spirit, exposing the inner resources of will and desire hidden in both women. Though their paths cross for only a brief moment, their fates–stretching

into succeeding generations–are  permanently altered by the meeting. The heart-wrenching plot moves back and forth through time, as present-day history professor, Walker Dodge, discovers a family mystery embedded in the photograph’s hidden truths.

A photo of June’s book.

A photo of June’s book.

June Poucher (Jan. ‘14) See also her comment in our Monthly Question column. 

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