This month, June Poucher (See INSTRUCTIONS for her book review.) comments on our question, “When I saw my mother crying…” Her story is below:

The photograph on the cover of the book, Mary Coin, mesmerized me when I first saw it–and  it still does. There is something in the woman’s face that takes me back to an evening when I saw my mother sitting on the steps of our back stoop, crying. She was sobbing silently, her shoulders shaking.

I knew she had escaped into the early dark for privacy.  She had always been a proud independent woman, resourceful and a good manager of an always-tight budget.  She was also the family breadwinner. I was about ten or eleven years old, and I knew we never had much money.

Somehow, I understood she was crying because she could not pay the bills.

I slipped quietly away, careful not to intrude.



Editor’s note:  “When I saw my mother crying…” will remain  for March  and a new thought-starter begins: “ I’m most relaxed when…”

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