Oh, goodness!

I’ve just gotten an email from our dear friend, Frances, asking me if I still blog, which is no small wonder considering how seldom I use this page.

So much for good intentions’!

The truth of the matter, though, is that I do still blog from time to time, although I tend to write about emotionally charged issues I’m not sure other Ninepatchers would be interested in, or think appropriate for this space. They also tend to be quite random, so that one day I might share an idea for a gluten-free recipe and another I might rant about a political issue I’ve gotten upset about.

Most times, lately, however, I’ve been avoiding my computer while trying to figure out how to replace hobbies I’ve lost due to health issues. No longer able to knit and crochet or make beaded jewelry because of my arthritis, I’ve been experimenting with other creative outlets such as drawing. (Below, is a sketch that I drew last summer.)

sketch of a vaguely native looking male

Now that Frances has reminded me of this blog, though, perhaps I can make an effort to post a few things here and there and, as always, I invite everyone’s comments and thoughts. 

I also thought that, since we were on the topic, I might mention that there are many free and useful blogging sites available online for anyone who has interest in writing their own. WordPress is one of the most popular and LiveJournal was, for me, one of the easiest to learn to use. Of course, all one need do is run a web search on free blogs to get a plethora of blog hosts to choose from.

In the mean time, hope you’re enjoying this month’s issue of Ninepatch!



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