Again, Frances and I met at Sherryl’s house for snacks and an afternoon of cut-and-paste.  It was a snowy February day of a particularly harsh winter.

This piece is one of three pages I made. I admit that I “cheated.”   Sherryl and Frances sought new pictures in magazines, but I had put together the suitcase image before my arrival. I also brought a box full of roughly sorted images that I had cut out and saved.


Carol’s Cat and Paste

Carol’s Cat and Paste

My imagery is about dreams and the future.  The background of them all is blue sky: the sky is the limit.  Travel and exploration are important.  The names on the suitcase are not relevant.  They represent places I’ve never seen and places I would like to see again.  The important elements of travel are preparing, packing, planning and transportation.

Another image represents being out in nature, perhaps fishing for my dinner appeals to me.   I also want to break free of cages, but it’s not about relocating, it’s about returning home.

The sky, the non-physical, the spirit, is “home.”

Carol (Mar.’14) says she writes what each piece is about on its back.  She plans to take some of her art therapy work to show to her counselor.

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