(Part I of II)

Following are a few notes of my recent Ireland trip.  My trip originated in Florida where I  wintered for two months.

The first note I made was, “I have a small pile started with a money belt for my cash euros, new earphones for the plane trip, and a transformer plug for electricity.”

The second one read, “Sign at gate in Washington DC: “United Flight 918: Departure time 6:40 P.M. Arrival time-Heathrow 6:21 A.M. Distance-3677 miles Dinner/snack.”

Later entries were more like a story. “When I came to customs, my first time, I had to fill out a card, get my picture taken and go thru security again.  It was very smooth and all were pleasant.

Since I didn’t have a local bank in Florida, I couldn’t change my money before I left.    At the airport, I found a place to change into euros.  Boy, what a challenge to get euros from dollars.

I received only $630 in euros for $1000 dollars.  I was disappointed.  I was expecting more.

After taking off again from Heathrow in England, I arrived at Ireland’s Shannon Airport at 12:40 P.M. and rented my car, a VW Polo, stick shift.  

I was a little nervous about driving on the left side of the road, but that was not nearly as bad as I anticipated.

The scenery was great–even more quaint than I had expected.  I saw little stone fences all along the road and in the fields and by houses.”


Palma (Apr. ‘14) adds, “The road was hilly and curvy and I even passed Dunguaire castle.”

Dunguaire castle

Dunguaire castle

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