This true story is written by Will Schwalbe. It was recommended to me by my counselor and I look forward to discussing it with him at our next appointment.

Its story is about how Will and his mother form a book-club-of-two during her treatment for pancreatic cancer. I love how they never call her illness “a battle.”  Their relationship is a close one of much love and respect for each other and for the books they read.

The story reminds me of the tenderness I feel towards many family members and friends who have gone through, or who are currently going through, a serious or terminal illness.

I think of moments of being present with them, especially during everyday conversations,  kindnesses and events that mark the calendar.

If only I can be that kind, read as prolifically and remember as much as Maryanne Schwalbe!

Carol (Apr. ‘14) says, “The book is also a tribute to Mary Anne Schwalbe’s life and work.”

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