Unconditional love

Comes from only three sources:



And your dog.                                          

Simon Stargazer (Apr. ‘14)  explains with a story. “I was talking to a fellow new to the area recently. He said he had done a lot of bad things and made some sad decisions that sent him away for quite a while.

He said, ‘Ya’ know, I just don’t understand why my mom has stuck with me all these years.

            She always came to see me when she could and sent me a letter when she couldn’t. None of my brothers came to visit me, and my sister came only once.  All but one friend just sort of disappeared.’”

I said, “My experience has taught me that true love is unconventional and unconditional. If you’ve listened to the teachings of the Bible, you know that God’s love is unconditional, all you have to do is accept it.

“Now your mom is a different story.  She gave birth to you, and bonded with you. She loves you no matter what. And, if you’ve ever had a dog, you know that he loves you, and is always glad to see you and spend time with you.” 

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