Our 2014 Self-Discovery Game continues.  This month, Bookworm (Mar.’14) shares his door and his comments.

“My first thought about the subject of doors is, “When God closes one door, He opens an-other.  I also think of The Bible’s “Book of Revelation” where Apostle John indicates that a door is a passage from one world to another.”  (See top next column.)

Tadahiko Nagao and Isamo Saito, authors of the “When is a Door Not A Door” game from their book Kokology 2, did not list that interpretation choice.

Choosing among the three options the authors listed, Bookworm chose number two: “The owner forgot to close it.”  About this choice, authors say, “You aren’t the type to get carried away in crisis situations. On the contrary, you’re so relaxed that you may not notice a crisis is occurring at all. The mistakes you make are caused more by oversight than bad intentions, but the end results for you (and the people around you) are the same.”

Bookworm says, “That’s not me. Sometimes, I get carried away when I’m facing a crisis.

To describe myself, I would say I am a very open person. I tell it like it is. I say what needs to be said –what’s on my mind.”

Bookworm’s Open Door

Bookworm’s Open Door

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