around the frame june 2014 – our experiences

Dear Frances,

Have had some good times since my move to the new apartment.  I went to see The Truck Show, I missed last year when Dad ended up in the hospital.  (Seems like everything went downhill after that event.)

This year, my brothers gave me a surprise birthday party,  in the campground where we were staying. It was wonderful.

You warned me about new pushy people intruding in my life.  My son-in-law has slept on my couch three times already. He expects my cooperation.

Some people in my life are used to walking over me. I let them. I am trying not to do that anymore.  I need to hold my own space.  Even Dad was waiting for me to give up and give in–I  had done it so often.  It’s not easy to completely change oneself.

I still have my job, friends at work and time with family. I am looking for more cross stitch and hook-rug kits to enjoy. It’s fun to think about what I would like to do for a change. New for me.

I’m getting used to my new life of peace and quiet. I have time to myself and time with my brothers, too.

Love and Prayers,



LindaSue (May’14) says, “I still wonder about my dad, but haven’t called there. Even though I am settled, please pray for me. I need all the support I can get!”


Dear Frances,

Loved getting a peek into your home last winter when you showed photos of your greeting card display. I like to look at decorating ideas, but I don’t have the resources to do much other than look! Whatever I want I have to do-it-myself. Right now there’s a dresser down in our basement waiting until I can paint it for my daughter.

On another note, my little Hunter has gone from the happiest baby ever to pretty persnickety.  He has four molars coming in at once!

My husband and I are working on all the skills my daughter, Paloma, will need for kindergarten in September. I’m busy as usual–there’s always something to do for the Mom Meet Mom website on top of all my usual writing and editing work.

I try to savor the good parts of every day–but it’s not always easy!




Christa Terry (Nov. ‘13) adds, “We ran a cutest baby photo contest for Mom Meet Mom users recently. I was surprised by how competitive it got.”


Dear Frances,

Interesting news from here–I didn’t want to say anything to anyone before I was fairly certain it would happen.  It looks like we are going to Bermuda this summer!  My husband’s friend in Maryland has a friend who just purchased a fifty-three-foot sailboat and he wants help sailing it to Bermuda.

Tentatively, Bill and his friend are going to assist along with some other men.  I will be flying to the island and joining Bill.  We are planning on renting a home with another couple.  We’re so excited!  It’ll be a grand adventure.

There are all sorts of opportunities there: snorkeling, exploring historical sights, formal afternoon tea in a fancy hotel, and more.  I’m already reading about the island and planning what to see.

Back in 2013, Bill helped move the boat from Massachusetts to its new home near Annapolis, Maryland. That was phase one.

Here comes phase two!



Linda Rosenthal (May ‘14) Jan. ‘14) adds, “I started life being frugal by necessity and now it is a habit.  That and good fortune lets us afford to go to places like Bermuda!  (And buy an older Corvette!)”


 Dear Fritze,

When you were visiting your kids in Michigan, I remember you said you cleaned your single son’s condo in “payment” for staying with him.

A long time ago, I used to clean Bryan’s apartment for him.   Bryan came to have two mother-less kittens. I took the kittens at first, then once they were more independent, he took them.

When I cleaned, I saw he never cleaned out their litter box.  He waited until it got full and dumped the whole thing.

One Friday, I stopped by his place. When I opened the door, I found the cats digging through the trash.  I saw Bryan wasn’t home and hadn’t been there for two days. (He was just starting to date his future wife then.)  The cats’ bowls were empty and the litter box full.  That did it! I loaded the cats up and took them to my house. They haven’t dug in the trash since.

I haven’t heard from Bryan for a long time.  As far as I know, he’s still living on the streets, somewhere. I don’t think his son, Bryce, has seen him either.  I always pray for him.

Talk to you later, my friend,



 Patricia (May ‘14) adds, “The black cats, Maggie and Merlin are now fourteen years old.  They are really sweet animals.” 


Memories help arrange the blocks and pieces of one’s life.


James (May ‘14) says, “It’s good to remember how I got to where I am.”

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