a real letter

a real letter

It’s an experiment!  Here’s the situation: my computer is in the shop and I’m writing my first letter to a friend to see what it is like to use pen and paper. Already I can see how difficult spelling is without my “spell-check.”

Another issue is my handwriting. I’m making an attempt at using the same cursive I would have used in college.  After one page, my hand is weary.

Another problem is I don’t own stationery. At least I have that excuse to use this lined notebook paper. I don’t have to worry about writing uphill or downhill on blank paper.

As I write this letter, I’m having memories of high school and later letters I wrote to my family. Those were such different times.

In some ways, e-mail has been good for me. Without it, I would be completely out of touch with many people. However, staying in touch with some of them is on a superficial level. As I think on this, I conclude that superficial contact is better than no contact at all.

Several times a year, I write letters to my grandchildren. I compose them on my computer and copy them in cursive (handwriting) on blank computer paper.  I include a design or other drawing in the letter.

Their mothers tell me how much the children like getting mail from me. I know it’s a good feeling to get a letter.

When I pick up my own mail each day, I hold out hope that there might be something personal in the stack. Sometimes, I’m happy to get my bank statement. That becomes “personal” when everything else in the bunch is general advertising. Receiving Ninepatch is a precious personal moment.

I’ll conclude this letter by resolving to write a personal letter now and then to someone who is important to me.


Elaine (Apr. ‘14) adds, “This letter is the first–a kind of experiment.”

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