Previously: Palma left Florida, flew to Ireland via Heathrow in England and rented a car to drive to her workshop.

The concertina workshop I attended was held in a little village called Ballyvaughan on

Galway Bay’s southern coast.

I stayed in a three-bedroom (each with a bath) thatched cottage with three others. Dominique and Mariellen were a couple from France, and Jeremy was from Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Irish cottages and stone walls.

Irish cottages and stone walls.

We were all there to join eighteen others for a concertina workshop. We had an hour session in the morning and another hour session in the afternoon. We were divided into three groups according to our  capabilities.  That meant a lot of work for me. I had to learn and perform an Irish traditional tune each morning and afternoon.

I dove right in, but the second morning I woke up with a virus, which made my chest tight and my head funny. (I was here in Ireland wasn’t I?  I had to make the most of it.)

I have to say I was ready to roll with just about anything but being sick.  That was hard to take, but I plowed on.

I was to have some free time on Friday and so I planned a trip to the “Cliffs of Moher.”  It was an hour and a half’s drive down the coast. It was a beautiful place. The weather was bright and sunny–the only day the sun shone the whole week I was there. Even on a sunny day, “cold and windy” was the best description of the weather.

The trip home was uneventful. All in all, it was a fun adventure.   (See next page.)


Palma (May ‘14) adds, “Coughing all week and not feeling good was probably the biggest trial.”

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