This month, Barbarajean  shares her first-hand experience with  our topic, “pain…”

“I know a little about pain. I have had it every day for over a year.  There are two types.  One is pain that occurs from an accident, injury, and general aches from illness or over-exertion. These types go away.

The other type is chronic pain. This can be arthritis, cancer, fibromyalgia, GI problems such as ulcers, MS, and other maladies that are incurable.

Chronic pain is hell on wheels for me.  It follows me wherever I go and, at this time, I have no letup. While I pray for others–and myself–I seek escape through painkillers and sleep.

Gradually, people who have chronic pain drop completely out of activities. This is happening to me.  I get up in the morning and pain hits right away.

By noon, I am exhausted and have to lie down.  I probably spend sixteen hours a day lying down.  Myprevious active life is a dim memory.


Barbarajean (Apr. ‘14) says, “Sometimes I feel hopeless, but I have not given up. I continue medical testing and plan to move on with more advanced treatment.  Meanwhile, please put me on your prayer lists!”




“Pain…” will continue as a comment starter for next month and a new one adds on, “I wish I had more …”    

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