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My name is Tror.

Before I start blogging away, I thought I’d tell you a little about myself.

I am a 40-something divorced mother of 2 adult children who lives in the Niagara region in Canada. I am a customer service representative for a real estate company and in January of this year I became a grandmother for the first time : )

I enjoy hiking, biking, (really amateur) photography, and learning about pretty much anything. I especially enjoy creating websites, which I’ve been doing since the mid ’90’s, which would have been about the same time I got involved in Ninepatch.

Of course, my real name isn’t ‘Tror’. It’s one I got stuck with years ago because of a spelling mistake, but, when a friend from Denmark told me that in his language it meant ‘I believe’ I decided it suited me well enough to keep. ‘Belief’, you see, is a big part of who I am, and will likely be a big part of what I write about here.

So, this blog will be a place for me to share my beliefs. It’ll also be a place to share some of the interesting links and tidbits I find online, as well as a forum for interacting with other Ninepatchers and sharing important notes about our Ninepatch site.I hope you’llĀ  feel free to comment on anything I write and to share interesting links and thoughts about Ninpeatch too!



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  • Frances/Fritize

    Hi TROR!

    I can see you got the site up again. What a lot of work for you! I hope you did find out what was “wrong.” I’d hate to have you experience the same thing again. Younds!

    I had been writing a book blog in February. I THOUGHT I had the “nack” of it. Now, I’m not so sure.

    My son is visiting me here in Northern Florida and we are off for a writers’ conference in Jacksonville, Florida on Friday and Saturday. In addition to a day of workshops and a second day of author talks, we are to hear David Balducci (spelling) speak and will come home with his newest book… not sure the title, but excitement lies ahead!

    Meanwhile, I’ll work on getting book blog going !

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