We lived near the Atlantic in New Bedford, Massachusetts. Along the East Coast, cities practiced blackouts. There was danger from suspected German submarines and no light was allowed to show at night. If a German put up his periscope to get bearings on the shore, no light could show him where cities were. We had special dark curtains that we closed at night. Even then, we used light sparingly.

I remember that one rainy night. Men in yellow slickers came knocking at our door to tell us we had light showing. We had to put more lights out.

When I peeked out the door, the night looked pitch black. But, in all that darkness, volunteers in yellow slickers were patrolling, checking, and helping to keep us all safe.


Nancyann (July ‘14) adds, “I remember seeing a white flag with gold stars on it, hanging in some windows. That meant ‘A Gold Star Mother’ lived there. The flag meant the woman had lost a son in the war.” 

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