My Apartment House

My Apartment House

It’s a quiet afternoon. I am sitting outside on my patio. The birds are singing and there’s a nice cool breeze that’s blowing the leaves on the tree shading me. The soft air carries me back more than ten years.

Back then, I spent five enriching years living in an apartment house in an old part of town. The big house was built in the 1880s. It was a great adventure of a place.  (Continued on the next page.)

As I walked up the creaking stairs, I saw where the gas fixtures have been converted to electricity.

When my mother first saw the steps and hallway, she said, “Well, this is quaint.”

There were a lot of places where the old wallpaper from the 1940s was hanging off the walls.  I learned lots about old houses in that first experience of living on my own.

For one thing, in an old house one has to be extremely cautious about the lead in the paint or you

might get lead poisoning. When I first moved in, my landlord had me sign a document. It made me aware of what I was dealing with, city law concerning paint.

Lead in paint was news to me.

Before that, I always lived in newer houses and apartments.  

Bookworm (July ‘14) adds, “I haven’t been back to visit that house, but I heard the landlord repainted the place in colors like a Hawaiian Sunset.”

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