One day in my Packard Street life, I was rather sad. I had to see my landlord take a tree down in the backyard. It was a beautiful old tree, and I used to watch its leaves blow in the wind from my rear second-story apartment.

One of the big problems with a tree that had branches hanging over the eaves of an old house is rats and mice. My landlord used to work as an exterminator and one day as we stood under the tree in the backyard, he told me about “Norway Rats.”

He said “The story is, years ago, they came to England in a shipment of timber from Norway. From England, they shipped over here.”

He described them. “These rats were gray or brown and grow up to ten inches long! You don’t want them in the house!” He looked up into the large tree. “Rats can use branches of a big tree as a highway to get into an attic or down the inside of the walls to the basement.”

Considering the house had a mouse problem I personally knew about, I believed my landlord when he said, “This tree has to go.”

So, one Saturday, I sat and watched as the tree company started up their chainsaws and went to work. They started at the top of the tree and gradually hacked it all apart.

Goodbye, my old tree friend!

Bookworm (Aug, ‘14) adds, “Those Packard Street days produced lots of memories!”

The tree from Bookworm’s window.

The tree from Bookworm’s window.

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