This month Nancyann (July ‘14) tells about the door she “sees.” She says number two is a possible: “The owner forgot to close it.” Number two reads, “You aren’t the type to get carried away in crisis situations. On the contrary, you’re so relaxed that you may not notice a crisis is occurring at all. The mistakes you make are caused more by oversight than bad intentions, but the end results for you (and the people around you) are the same.”

Nancyann continues, “Probably number three is the most like me.”

Kokology 2 authors Tadahiko Nagao and Isamo Saito say this about a person who chooses number three, “The owner is inside, sweeping out the entrance-way.” You may appear to be a laid-back sort, but you never let your guard down. Achieving that constant state of relaxed alertness is what had made you into the mature individual you are. Of course, you still have your human

weaknesses; you just don’t put them on display for all the world to see.

Nancyann adds, “I like the idea of the door being open, to air out dust from sweeping. I im-agine the sweeper is in back of door where he/she can’t readily be seen.

Otherwise, I’m just plain uncomfortable with an open door, not knowing the circumstances. I’d want to go in and find out why it’s ajar!”

Nancyann stands by a door, ajar.

Nancyann stands by a door, ajar.

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