Congratulations, Ninepatch, on your first twenty years! I have always felt privileged to read what writers have shared on the pages of the newsletter. Even though I have rarely written about my own life challenges, over the years, they have been numerous.

I met Frances in ‘89, and she started Ninepatch in ‘94. My father-in-law died in ‘98 and my mother died three months later. I became estranged from my sister and lost all contact with her a year after that.

In ‘99, I moved the distance of two short miles to a new home. My daughter graduated from high school in ‘03, and a year later moved out of state. I was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and am learning to manage it.

Over all this time, I also joined and left various spiritual groups and book groups, although I am still a member of the church where I met Frances.

I have had numerous volunteer jobs. I continue to do laminating for my school district.

Currently, I am an active, trained BeFriender, who visits with and supports those who are isolated by age or illness.

I am happily married, have a cat, and enjoy walking, photographing nature, jigsaw puzzles, philately (collecting stamps) and my girlfriends.

The photo of me was taken in ‘96 to commemorate the second year of Ninepatch.

Life is very good.

May Ninepatch continue to thrive.

Carol (June ‘14) adds, “I became a founding reader/ writer, because Frances and I were friends in Michigan at the time. Frances gave me the silk-screened t-shirt, and I safety-pinned scraps of material on it. (I never got around to sewing them on.) After Frances moved to Florida, we used Ninepatch and cut-and-paste get-togethers to nurture our friendship over the miles and years.”

In 1996, Carol in 1996 wears the t-shirt.

In 1996, Carol in 1996 wears the t-shirt.

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