When I was in my early twenties, I lived a hop skip and a jump from the downtown of a city of nearly 200, 000 people. On its eastern edge stood the First United Methodist Church where my dad and I went to church. I was very involved with the choir. I was also a pipe organ student and used their instrument for practice.  

Those Monday nights were memorable. After work, I headed down to use the organ. Entering the back door of the church, the first person I saw was the receptionist, Sherri. Over the years, we became friends.  I always stopped for a couple of minutes and chatted with her about my day.

Afterward, I headed down the hallway to the sanctuary. I fired up the four-keyboard, eighty-six stop Moller Organ.  Hearing the rumble of that instrument firing up and feeling the power of the wind coming out those pipes when my hands came down on the keys was awesome.  The hymns I played on that organ filled my soul and my spirit with God’s power. At the same time, I had great hopes of someday being an organist for a church.


Bookworm (Aug. ‘14) adds, “I had a great deal of fun experimenting with the different stops on that organ and trying to get the right blend of sounds for the different organ pieces I was working on.  With a pipe organ it’s all about experimentation, especially when it comes to a large multiple-stop one.”

Bookworm in his Packard Street apartment.

Bookworm in his Packard Street apartment.

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