Though actions

Speak louder than words,

To be believed,

They need to match

one’s speech.

Simon Stargazer III (Sept. ‘14) says, “I have a young (twenty-six) and somewhat blustery friend who takes treatment for ADHD. You can imagine how his actions may vary according to how he has managed his medical regimen.

Jason has a heart of gold, which at times becomes more like tarnished silver when he gets frustrated in his interactions with others. It is at these times that his initial expressions and the ensuing situations wind up being in serious disagreement with each other.

In conversations with him, he has often expressed surprise, frustration, anger or disappointment with a situation where the outcome has resulted in serious consequences for him. He can’t seem to understand why he gets these results.

My advice to him has often been to slow down, take a deep breath and think about his actions, and how they would appear to the other person, before reacting.”

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