I met Frances at a time when my relationship with my older son, Josh, seemed very fragile. My younger son and I returned from visiting him in California where he lives.

Toward the end of this visit, Josh was arrested for marijuana possession and spent a couple of days in jail. Seeing him there was a low point in my life. (I am happy to write that these days, this son seems to have his own life on a more even keel.)

A few days after my younger son and I returned to Florida, I was at our spiritual group when I heard Frances share some details about an impending visit to her two sons in Michigan.

Something she said about her relationship with her older son really struck a chord in my hurting heart. I could relate to the feeling that Frances was expressing. I could identify with these emotions.

A few days later, Frances recounted some solutions that helped her to deal with the vagaries of life. I remember she told a story about carrying prayers around in her pockets.

This idea appealed to me. It seemed the perfect antidote to lugging around the boulders of guilt and remorse.

As I came to know Frances, I learned that prayer was one of her favorite “go-to” resources. Inevitably, when I complained to Frances about a current resentment or dilemma, she gently asked: “Have you prayed about it?”

Liz/Moascar (Sept. 14) adds, “Prayer and meditation remain an important part of my life.”

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