Sandy, age two

Sandy, age two

As a child, I used to dream I wore seven league boots. These were the kind described in fairy tales where the person who wears them can take strides of seven leagues (roughly three miles) with each step. I could bound across the landscape with great leaps. I didn’t know at the time that this dream experience was called “astral traveling.”

I would eventually tire and return to my sleeping body. However, I landed so hard, I bounced a couple of times and usually ended up on the bedroom floor. Once I bounced and got my head jammed between the bed and a wardrobe. Dad had to dismantle the wooden closet to get me free.

After that incident, Dad tied me into bed. He folded a sheet until it was about a foot wide and tucked it under the mattress on both sides, so I was firmly pinned.

Sandy (Aug. ‘14) adds, “To this day, I have scars on my ears to remind me of that accidental bounce on my astral dream return. My screaming didn’t help. I remember poor Dad was frantic, trying to pull that closet apart and the rest of my family got up and watched without having a clue about what was going on or how to help.

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