Christa (June ‘14) responds to the question,Being a parent has taught me…”

I am learning extreme flexibility. I’m a work-at-home parent. Sometimes it feels like every plan I make goes awry. If it’s not my daughter and son’s immediate needs that interrupt my writing and editing work, it’s something completely unavoidable, like a day where school is closed or a random fever.

Those days it’s impossible to get anything done. Not that work is everything. But, for our family, the money I make is absolutely necessary.

Now and then I’ve thought about what life would be like if my husband was the sole bread-winner and my only responsibilities were taking care of the kids and the house. But, I’ve been a parent long enough now to realize I’d still need to be flexible–just in different areas.

My husband goes to an office each day and doesn’t have to think about things like getting the kids’ medical check-ups and cries of “I’m so bored!”

He still has to be flexible, though–mostly around my work schedule. When my plans for the day don’t pan out, he comes home to chaos and has to take charge while I double down.

I think flexibility is something every parent has to learn, whether it’s in the day-to-day living or when it comes to who your kids are going to grow up to be.

I tell all the new parents I know to expect the unexpected!”


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