In response to an earlier question that Frances posed, perhaps I came to Ninepatch when I used to flip through online blogs and ran across yours.

In fact, Frances saved my first query to the Ninepatch web site from January 20, 2008.

I just found your(Ninepatch) site and I like it… how do I join?

I write under the name of Simon Stargazer III but I live with the name Jim Haworth.

Aphorisms and poetry are my thing, based on the life happenings around me. I have a blog called ‘Simon’s Thoughts On Wit & Wisdom…’”

In response, I heard from the webmaster, Lynn. Then Editor, Frances wrote and said she would send me information on how to appear in the newsletter.

Hello Jim and Pat!

I am delighted to have you join the Ninepatch circle! It is not complicated if you enjoy telling

personal stories or observations. Stories and thoughts are the Ninepatch life blood…”

I replied:

Hi Frances,

It was so nice to get your letter of welcome. I guess you would say I am a poet… since I acquiesced to the wishes of my local fans and family and gathered a myriad of my poems, aphorisms and three short sci-fi stories together and published them a year ago in November. I am excited about joining with you in your endeavor.

How about giving me a rough idea of how many lines I should consider for my poem.

I look forward to the format for my introduction to the group.

Blessings to you as well,

Jim (and Pat)”

And so began the series of monthly poems and occasional photos you have seen.

Simon Stargazer III (Oct. ’14) “Here’s a photo of my wife, Pat, and me.”

Pat and Simon

Pat and Simon

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