Graduated U of Sydney 1964

Graduated U of Sydney 1964

As far back as I can remember, I had a spiritual yearning. I started in our family church, The Church of England, which is Anglican and I remained a devout Christian until I was twenty-one. My family used to mock me for being so pious.

During college years, I drifted away from the church, but not the concept of My Creator and my love of nature. I spent those years doing degrees in French, German and Literature. I studied Hegel, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Voltaire, Descartes, Rousseau, Camus, Sagan, and other great philosophers of Europe from the Sixteenth to the Twentieth Century. During these years, I began my travels around the world.

I encountered many schools of thought such as, Classical, Romantic, Existential and Nihilistic. I have great intellectual ability, but after all that study, I came to realize it was meaningless. Ideas dealt with my head (mind) and not my heart. I understood the ideas, but was unable to use them in my life and have forgotten them today.

Everything changed in 1978 when my brother was murdered in Los Angeles. I had to do some deep soul-searching.

The result was I turned my life around, one hundred and eighty degrees.

Sandy (Nov. ‘14) adds “The good part about my studies is that I was always open to new ideas and willing to see how they applied to the here and now.”

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