2014 Holiday Gift from Ninepatch?

Dear Readers,

           Once again, the game below is from Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito.  I chose one I hope is easy to draw. Or, maybe you will take a photo of a scene like the one you imagine.  Even a picture from a magazine will do!

Get to know yourself better and have some fun!

Editor of  Ninepatch



Every day, people pay good money for the privilege of stepping out the door of a moving airplane and plunging to the earth. Skydiving isn’t for everyone, but the statistics tells us it’s actually a low-risk venture, considerably safer than, say trying to cross against the light inManhattan traffic. But even knowing that, we have a hard time finding a rational explanation for the act.

Some say it’s the adrenaline, but for veteran enthusiasts, that purely physical rush has worn off after the first few jumps.  The thing that really keeps calling them back is those brief few minutes of perfect clarity as the natural world lies spread out in miniature beneath their feet, with everything put into proper perspective. Yes, the old-timers will tell you, it’s not the thrill of the jump, it’s the view on the way down.

You are in mid-descent, floating slowly earthward under the canopy of your open parachute. Describe the view as you look down.


  1. A field of grass and flowers.
  2. A craggy, rocky landscape.
  3. Wild animals waiting with open jaws.
  4. A flowing river.


Draw the scene you choose below.

















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