Now our Sierra-Nevada Adventure plan was in place, I had to prepare. First, I arranged for someone to stay with my wife Pat, who is handicapped. I located a caregiver to complement our medical equipment.

Most important, my daughter and I trained with increasingly heavy backpacks to prepare our bodies for the hike’s altitude: between 7,000 and 9,000 feet. (That is quite different from our 300 to 700 feet here in the Midwest.)

Robin and I bought good hiking boots, and borrow backpacks. We planed time to hit the trails at Eagle Creek Park and at Fort Harrison State Park. I hoped to log fifty miles on our boots and work up to forty pounds in our backpacks.

Neighbor Don offered to take us to the airport and pick us up. Progress!

Journal: Sunday, August 10th

Today is our last practice hike. We think we’re ready… we had better be! We are now officially out of time.

Journal: Monday, August 11th

I pull all my stuff together and lay it out in our spare bedroom. I make sure I’ve got everything I’ll need. I close my red journal and lay it with other things. I nod at my checklist. I think I’m ready.

Journal: Tuesday, August 12th

Just as I finish packing, I get a call from a couple who live nearly a hundred miles north. After hellos my friend says, “We are in town with our kids…”

A granddaughter had surgery to remove an eye. They thought they would be able to drive back home after the surgery, but, not so.

The red journal and other things

The red journal and other things

As they were leaving the surgery department, the nurse said, “We’ll see you tomorrow when we change the bandages and do a last inspection of the


My friend asks, “Can we spend the night?”

Immediately I answer, “Of course you can spend the night!”

This puts a slight kink in my plans with Pat for the evening, but we love kinks that involve good friends. She and I enjoy a good evening chat with the couple and then, we’re all off to bed.

Robin and I fly out tomorrow morning about noon.

Simon Stargazer (Nov. ‘14)adds, “Excitement builds!”

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