After author Maeve Binchy died last year, I thought I’d seen the last of her books. But, I recently found a new set of stories, Maeve’s Times, released by her husband.

He wrote about the collection at the beginning of the book. He said through the years, Maeve had written stories about people who lived on “Chestnut Street” which was in several of her books. She wanted to eventually produce a collection of short stories centered around the people who lived on that street.

She called them her “Chestnut Street Stories and had written several. She had put them away until she could finish them off.

Her husband took them to her publisher and told him what Maeve had wanted. The publisher put them all together in a book –just what she had described.

The book is delightful. All her books are, but this collection is really good.

Patricia (Nov. ‘14) adds, “Maeve Binchy’s books and stories are charming and uplifting. I will really miss her in the world of authors.”

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