This is how I feel about it.

All almost 50 years of it –sometimes dragging sometimes flying –

have peeled away endless layers of illusion–

and these days it’s neither dragon nor angel;

Life just IS.

Maybe more like some blessedly forward moving vehicle that I can’t / wouldn’t stop. Much better to alternate between seizing the wheel or sitting tight–

always looking for what’s coming around the next bend with some carefully balanced combination of hope and concern.

Break, gas pedal, coast, stop, celebrate, repeat.

Take time off to rest, walk, look around, see the world outside of my own little bubble.

It’s a good thing – Life.

It’s THE GOOD THING after all.

Sherryl (July ‘12) adds, “I was expecting something grander from a 50th birthday poem.  But then again, that’s the way it goes.”

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