I asked my proof-reader, James, to pay attention to his choice after he read over page one of the 2014 Game and make a drawing for me before he read on. I was delighted to see his simple, yet descriptive drawing. He chose number one, “A field of grass and flowers.”

A field of grass and flowers.

A field of grass and flowers.

About this choice, authors of Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery, Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito have this to say. “You are the eternal optimist. You can probably smell the flowers from eight thousand feet and were pleased to note that the grass was growing especially thick to cushion your fall. At this altitude, life is beautiful; just don’t get so engrossed in the view that you forget to tuck and roll.”

About his view of the parachute ride, and what authors say it means, James (Dec. ‘14) agrees, “Oh yeah. I’m an optimist. I enjoy life’s ride. “

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