I was living in Gainesville, Florida when I made friends with a group of spiritually like-minded women and joined them on their weekly Friday commute of a hundred miles each way to Cassadaga, Florida. In that small town, I attended Natural Law Classes. Natural Law is a set of laws/teachings descended from the great Hindu teachers and the holy writings of the Vedas from six thousand years ago. The classes were taught by the Reverend Eloise Page. For more than fifty years, Reverend Eloise Page served as a healer, a medium and a teacher.

Entrance to Cassadaga, Florida’s Spiritualist Camp

Entrance to Cassadaga, Florida’s Spiritualist Camp

(Courtesy of Wikipedia)

I studied twelve years with Eloise and discovered that I was more intuitive than most. Eventually, I moved to Cassadaga where I trained as a psychic, teacher and minister of the Spiritualist Church. During my studies there, I attended workshops given by spiritual teachers from all over the world: Native American, Hawaiian, Maori, Ayurvedic, crystal healers, herbal practitioners, astrologers and mediums.

What seemed like an end was just a beginning.

Sandy (Dec. ‘14) says, “The more I learned about metaphysics (the study of those things that go beyond physics and science), the more there was to be discovered. I saw that there was more than could be learned or experienced in a single lifetime. I was very drawn to those who lived from their heart, who walked their talk –especially Native people. I felt corrupt by comparison.”

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