Journal: Wednesday, August 13th Up at 6:30 to do finishing touches on our mother-in-law quarters, where Chelsie, the home care giver, will sleep. She is to arrive at 9:00 so I can orient her. Pat and I have a quick breakfast because Chelsie is early. I get her oriented, but I feel rushed and wonder if I am missing a step in my careful plan. 9:30 Robin arrives, creating a flurry of activity: we introduce her and get our bags lined up. All of a sudden it’s 10:00 and neighbor Don is here to take us to the airport! Kisses and hugs all around… especially with Pat. 10:11 we are on our way!

At the airport, we check our bags, curbside. Courtesy of my son’s frequent flier process, we are pre-certified and whisk through TSA metal detector, pat-down and body scan process.

Noon. Finally on board, we lift off for Charlotte, NC. where we change planes to fly 2300 miles to San Francisco! After a couple of hours in the air, God claps his hands, and the turbulence throws water out of the glass in the hand of the guy behind Robin and a seatmate. Surprised and wet, they grin and say hello to their seat partners.

I take pictures of puffy little clouds casting neat shadows on the ground. After a bit, I see the ripple of sand dunes.

I think we are over Nevada when I recognize a structure that I had seen in a Popular Science magazine. It is a giant array of computer-guided mirrors that focused their bright reflections from the sun on to a boiler, painted black, on top of the tower. The experimental working steam device used to power a large electrical generation station capable of producing many megawatts of power for distant factories and residential areas. Wow!

array of mirrors

The next landmark I spot is large oblong Mono Lake at the eastern edge of what I am sure are the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

5:28 PM. We fly across San Francisco bay on our final approach and we are greeted with a bunch of parachute sailors cruising through the air!

Simon Stargazer (Jan. ’15) adds, “The parachute gliders were still sailing as we landed.”

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