Drat! I sighed. Too late to call and tomorrow’s Saturday. I reread my friend Doug’s “Amish Bus” news. Crossroads Tour’s business hours stated: “Monday to Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.”

I’ll have to wait ‘til Monday to phone for a ticket.

I paced the house. If I get a ticket, there’s lots to do. I washed my red two-coats-in-one. If Indiana’s not so cold, I’ll wear the weather-proof shell. If it’s bitter, I’ll add the fluffy jacket that fits inside. I stuffed mittens in each pocket and an ear-warmer. I’ll carry the coat on the bus and lean on it to sleep.

My heart warmed as I thought of seeing my high school girlfriends at the November 7 luncheon. I planned other visits while in my hometown.

Auntie Alma and Cousin Julie lived just south of Goshen. Julie’s ill, but maybe I can overnight with Auntie—if she feels OK. My ninety-one-year-old aunt didn’t always feel up to visitors. Where else can I stay?

Once, I had used Goshen’s Holiday Inn Express, but I frowned at the cost. At least it’ll be safe.

I took a breath. Collecting their number from the web site, I studied information on “free nights.” I had some points, but inns required different amounts. I called Goshen. “How many points do you require for a free night?”

The young female voice replied, “Let me put you on hold a moment while I check.”

Smooth music filled the line before she came back on. “That’s 1200 points and you have to book the room two days in advance.”

“Thank you.” A backup plan. Check. Next, call my boys!

Both sons lived in Grand Rapids, Michigan where I had a condo problem. My renter had left suddenly and no one had been there to inspect it. Though he had no key, my younger son lived next door. I’d better prepare David for my possible appearance and maybe over-nighting in his guest room.

The next afternoon I made my regular call to David and mentioned coming north on the Amish bus.

His happy tones lifted me. “Amish bus? Really! I thought they drove horse and buggies!”

Following an Amish buggy near Goshen, IN.

Following an Amish buggy near Goshen, IN.

“Ha! Honey, it’s a bus the Amish take to get to Pinecraft, Florida. It starts at the Goshen Walmart.”

Recognition lifted his voice.”Oh yeah! I remember seeing the horses and buggies parked at Walmart. When are you coming?”

“I’m not sure I can get a ticket. I’ll know Monday and give you a call.”

His voice dropped. “I hope you can, Mom. I miss you.”

Saturday evening I phoned my other son, Brian who played and coached kids’ hockey. “Hey Number- One-Son! Will there be games next weekend?”

“Of course ….” A pause showed his surprise at my question. He went on in a deep baritone. “There’s hockey every weekend this time of year! Why?”

“I got homesick and am riding up as far as Goshen on the Amish Bus. I’ll find a rental car and drive up to see you and the boys play.”

He chuckled filled his voice. “Amish Bus? …Well, we have lots of games for you!”

A mental bell had rung when I told Brian, “I’ll rent a car….” Where can I rent a car in Goshen? I Googled “car rentals, Goshen, Indiana.”

Several companies identified themselves “Goshen, Indiana,” but all were m-i-l-e-s from Goshen’s Walmart. Maybe Doug knows about this, too! I sat down and e-mailed him:

October 31, 2014

Hey Doug!

Happy Halloween!

  You are the go-to-guy!  I called Crossroads Tours today. They will send me schedule info.  I am happier already. Even if I don’t get to the November 7 party, I don’t feel trapped in Florida any more.

  Next question:  if I come, where in Goshen can I rent a car? 

  Say “Hi” to Muffin for me!



My heart leaped when he wrote back the same day:


There was an Enterprise in Goshen, but no more. There is one in Elkhart, Indiana on State road 19, also Hertz is Elkhart.

There is a car rental in Goshen that I was unaware of: Thrifty Car Rental, 17229 CR 42   Phone: 574- 975-6220.  Online, it appears to be at the Goshen Airport –maybe for use in Goshen only. Check it out.

Hope this helps,

Take care.


I sat back in my computer chair and stared at the screen. Wow! I heard that when one is in the flow of God’s will, everything opens up.

I’m getting the right information when I need it. I must be following God’s will!

Frances Fritzie

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