around the frame mar 2015 – our experiences

Dear Frances,

I was culling out my stack of Christmas cards and found one that reminded me of you and Ninepatch. I got to thinking about the January ‘15 issue.

I was very moved by your story about Luis–I’ve never heard anything about that, but I can certainly see why you would feel a need to make amends for just disappearing. Such a sad story.

May God guide you in this process.



Palma (Feb. ‘15) adds, “Frances once said I was ‘making memories with my new grandchild. I’ve never thought about ‘making’ them. They just are–if they stick with me.”



I felt so sad you had such a nightmare as you told about in your Feb. ‘15 Reflection. I used to have some scary dreams and know the feeling of trying to figure out why you had them. I finally decided to believe the old saying that dreaming of a death meant a new baby was being born.

Anyway, the February ‘15 Ninepatch has been very interesting. I haven’t got to read all pages yet–my laptop is acting up.

Carolinelee (Jan. ‘15) adds, “I woke up this morning to see a beautiful very light dusting of snow on the ground. I sat in front of my window and watched the snowflakes fall while I had my morning coffee!”


Dear St. Frances:

I have a several different types of dreams; one is a combination of the day’s events; a second is seeing into the future; and last is images.

When it’s a dream of images, it takes me a while to figure out what is being shown or told to me. In one case, I saw a herd of golden buffalo. I figured out the “buffalo.” It has something to do with personal strength to overcome obstacles. The “herd” part is probably more strength and support from family and friends.

I can’t figure the golden part and that is the key. But, the golden buffalo herd were scattered across the yard in the dream. There were kids (whose, I have no idea) peeking out the windows wanting to go out and pet the buffalo. I had to tell the kids to stay inside but be still and quiet and not scare or spook the buffalo. What surprised me was the kids obeyed! The buffalo were not running, walking or upset, just standing and grazing. Something else just occurred to me: none had horns.

Any ideas what a herd of hornless golden buffalo means?

Take care!



Malaina (Feb. ‘15) says, “Whether a psychological warning or one from the ‘other side,’ it’s important to pay attention to dreams –that is, remembering them upon waking! Something might be bugging you about a person who interacted with you and it will show up in a dream. The problem with dreams is figuring out the details and symbols. Somewhere in my vast collection of books is one on dream symbols. Can I find that book? Not yet!”



Your story about your mom being in labor and walking to the doctor, then on to the hospital in a snowstorm resonated today.

We just got another few feet of the white stuff dumped on top of the several feet of snow we’ve already had! Thinking of all the trouble snow makes for me, I never really considered the women having babies today. What a day to have to get to the hospital!

I just have to cope with my own babies–who aren’t really babies anymore–feeling cooped up and going crazy. With the number of snow days we’ve had this year, I’m running out of craft ideas, not to mention places to put all the shoveled snow.



Christa (Feb. ‘15) adds, “On top of keeping the kids occupied during every new snowstorm, I still have to work. That’s the hardest thing about having so much snow this winter.”

Our front yard has become a sledding hill.

Our front yard has become a sledding hill.


Frances, Happy February Birthday!

The stories around our births are so precious. I think of your mother doing all that walking in a snowstorm while in labor. It

sounds as if she really loved you very much to go through such hardships.

Many blessings!


Patience (Sept. ‘09) adds, “It’s been a long time since I have written for Ninepatch. Times have not always been good and sometimes I’ve been way too busy. Right now, I’m tutoring at a charter school for special kids and really love it.”


Dear Frances,

Transportation is a problem that has come up again and again. My ex-husband used to say, “You can’t leave me. How will you get around?”

Everyone who has a car thinks it is easy to solve the problem. That’s because they don’t have to deal with it! They say, “Call a cab.” ($25.00 one-way.) I don’t qualify for the “Go bus.” There is a city bus line across the street, but we were in the middle of a big snowstorm and I couldn’t do the additional dangerous walking.

You say praying and positive self-talk helps you when you are anxious. I agree. I also listen to peaceful music and write letters.

My surgery was successful and I am back to my schedule. I am doing OK. I need my routine. I get rattled when things are out of order.

Take care. God bless.

Love and prayers,

Linda Sue

LindaSue (Feb. ‘15) adds, “God has a plan for everyone. It will come. I just want an answer too quickly.”



Thanks for the beauty of “horse envelopes.” Where I work, we take our students to equestrian therapy once every two weeks. I side-walk with my student and love being close to those noble steeds.

A teacher side-walks a student.

A teacher side-walks a student.

The horse barn is the only building on our new campus. One day my school will move out there. Presently, we are in a commercial complex and have to take our special needs students for walks in close proximity to traffic.

Yesterday, two of the boys started to fight. Thankfully, we were all able to sit down on a grassy verge, take some deep breaths and talk it through!

Hope all is blooming in your world.



Liz/Moascar (Dec. ‘14) adds, “I’ve been silent of late, usually wiped out when I get home. I seem to be in a ‘sick building.’ We adults keep coming down with recurrent problems. I’ve gotta’ get healthy for my trip to India next year!”


March 2015 paper Ninepatch used Batman stamps.

March 2015 paper Ninepatch used Batman stamps.

Hi Missy,

Wednesday of last week, I stopped by the post office to mail a package. Guess what they had! They had Batman stamps.

I bought the Batman stamps as my son in California likes Batman. He has since he was a little boy. I remember him coming straight home from school and turning on the Batman series starring Adam West.

I sent the stamps to him. Corny, I know–but he loved it.


Patricia (Feb. ‘15) adds, “I told the post office clerk I wished they would get some Spiderman stamps. She said they will, soon. I am going to keep a look out for them, too!”


Hi Frances,

We have about six inches of snow this morning. In our front yard is a beautiful large maple

tree. As I was doing my Yoga about six, I focused on the tree whose branches were iced with the beauty of a fresh snow.

The not so beautiful part is that the town plow has made a barricade at the end of our driveway–which includes burying our newspaper.

Lots of love,


Louise (Jan. ’15) adds, “I’m still reading. Here are titles of a few I liked but have not mentioned: The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey, Pecan Man by Cassie Dandridge and The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker.


Dear Fritzie,

We had a lovely family party yesterday to celebrate my youngest grandchild’s birthday. Came home feeling really tired, but slept only off and on.

Up and out this morning for a thirty-minute walk in the snow –falling fresh!

Fresh Switzerland snow

Fresh Switzerland snow

After writing little notes to my grandchildren, I am off to walk a short distance to the post office and send them. Wishing you good days ahead.

Bonne continuation!


Betsy (Jan. ‘15) adds, “I am looking forward to a leisurely read of Ninepatch.”


Simplicity may drown in the sea of complexity.

James (Feb. ‘15) adds, “Sometimes the easy way is best.”



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