This month’s self-discovery game player is Malaina (Feb. ‘15). She describes what she sees after she jumps from the plane and the canopy of her parachute opens. “Floating downward, the earth would be stretched out below me in large squares like a huge quilt: woods, pasture land, farm land, fields in colors of natural earth like all the hues of green, yellow, tan, autumn reds and oranges.

I’ve seen this view from the window of an airplane and I would like to think that, if I were floating down, this is what I would see.”

Malaina’s parachute view

Malaina’s parachute view

Malaina adds, “I think I’m on the borderline of optimist and pessimist. I sometimes have to force myself to be optimistic because that little-pessimistic-voice sometimes raises its head to shoot down the bright side of life. Or, perhaps that is being more realistic?

Once again, it all centers around the anger that I fight all the time.”

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