Following, Georgene (Feb. ‘15) responds to last month’s thought starter: “Why can’t I remember to…?”

I wish I could pick just one or two examples of poor memory but, in my case, I seem to forget regularly. I ask myself a few times a day, ‘Why can’t I remember to…?’

I use all the regular tools to stay organized –lists, calendars (electronic and paper) and the refrigerator magnet. (Did you know the average American fridge has fifty items on it?)

Yet, I still forget to recharge my phone, remove clothes from the dryer before they are wrinkled, and run at the last second to make a “Yikes, I forgot!” appointment.

I heard a medical doctor say as long as you recognize that you are forgetting, you are normal. As we age, we pack in a lot of info into our mental file drawers and it just takes longer to retrieve what we need when we need it.

Sadly, I easily remember my ‘sharp as a tack,’ go-getter memory moments when I was in my 30’s and 40’s. THAT I can’t seem to forget!

Maybe I am stubborn. When it comes to remembering skills, I want to be who I was –not who I am.”


Last months question, “Why can’t I remember to…” will remain open for April. We’ll also add a new story-starter for you consideration: When I look at old family photos, I feel….”

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