This month, we hear a meeting story from Patricia (Feb. ‘15).

I met Fritzie indirectly. I remember my husband Bob coming in from his walk and telling me that he met the neighbor across the street.  He said, ‘I think you will really like her.’

Anyway, when we did finally come across each other, she said, “You must be the cat lady!”

Bob and Patricia

Bob and Patricia

From that time on, we just hit it off.  At the time, she had two cats of her own.  She related how she came to have them and I shared my story of how we acquired ours.  We had five at the time.  All rescued. 

Anyway, we have been friends since that first meeting.  Fritzie introduced me to Ninepatch and we did cut-outs (she calls it ‘cut-and-paste.’) I really never got the hang of those cut-outs. I liked looking at other people’s, but never understood them.

My favorite time was our weekly walk and treat with coffee afterwards.  I remember Fritzie made Monkey Bread one morning.  I had never heard of it let alone tasted it.  It was really good.  So sometimes when I get hungry for it, I make ‘Fritzie Monkey Bread.’” 

Fritzie’s Recipe:

4 tubes refrigerated biscuits

¾ c. sugar

1 tsp. cinnamon (Mix with sugar)

Toss quartered biscuits in sugar mix; drop in greased bundt pan

Boil: 1c. sugar + 1 stick margarine

1 ½ tsp. cinnamon.

Pour over biscuits

Bake: at 350 40-45 minutes.

Remove and let set 5 min.

Turn upside down on a plate to serve.

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