Happy Landings!

Carol (Feb. ’15) responded early to the 2015 Self-Discovery Game from Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery by Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. However, in interest of using one game each month of 2015, I saved her drawing and comments for now.

Carol wrote: “This Kokology 2 assignment presented a lot of drawing challenges, so I simply did not draw any details that would clutter my view.

My husband observed that I’m too worried about comfort and am not that interested in exploring. I AM worried about impact and considered drawing a bunch of pillows.

Instead, I settled on a flat plateau or mesa (not a crater or a tree stump) with a view of a river and mountains. I will have to climb down the mesa and hike to civilization, because I did not draw it nearby.

According to Kokology 2, the mesa could be the field (option one), but the mountains in the background look rocky and craggy (option two.) There is a flowing river at the foot of the mountains (option four), so I am a combination.

My husband’s observation could be considered a three (wild animals with jaws open,) but I don’t appear to be that.”

My personality has many aspects, but mostly I feel like the river (option four); I take things as they come and try to stay in the present.

Carol’s drawing.

Carol’s drawing.

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