Recently, Frances asked that we write a little about how we met her. I do recall that we met in an AOL Spirituality Chat Room in the mid 90’s, but I don’t remember the details.

What I do recall was feeling that I’d met a very genuine and caring person who struck me as enthusiastically supportive. I was glad to share ideas with her. I also recall her mentioning a ‘circle letter’ she’d started, called Ninepatch. She invited me to check it out. Of course, I did. (See next page.)

And the rest –as they say–is history.

Now, so many years later and despite the fact that we’ve never met face-to-face, I can say that Frances has become a dear friend. Always patient… always understanding … and always endearingly human. She and the Ninepatch circle of friends have been one of the few ‘constants’ in my life and, for that, I am grateful!

Lynn (Dec. ‘14) adds, “Back in 2005, I went through a divorce and the dissolution of my family, as well as a period of homeless-ness. Bouncing from hotel rooms, to a friend’s couch, to a shelter made it difficult to stay in touch with Frances and to continue my work with Ninepatch, but I never felt ‘pressured’ to do so. Instead, I pressured myself to get those emails out. I ‘needed’ that to feel ‘normal’ and to feel that there was still some-thing worthwhile in my life.

So, I suppose the only detail that matters about meeting Frances was that it happened, and I’m truly glad it did!”

Lynn and boyfriend, Dan

Lynn and boyfriend, Dan

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