Christa (Feb. ’15) comments on our current question,When I look at old family photos I feel….” Her response follows.

When I look at old family photos, I feel like I’m right back in that moment.

Sometimes this is wonderful because the picture was taken at a particularly joyful time, as with photos of me holding my newborn son. At other times, though, flipping through family snapshots puts me in a low mood because I’m remembering how I felt in less happy moments.

One photo that springs to mind is a picture of my daughter standing on the pavement, gazing into the camera with a blank look on her face. She had just turned two years old.

It was one of the last long weekdays we spent together before I had to go back to work. She didn’t really understand that she’d be transitioning into daycare soon. But, she did know that I was feeling sad and it weighed on her.

My Daughter

My Daughter

Looking at that photo puts me right back into that uncertain time when I had no idea how my choice would pan out. However, it was the right choice for me to make at that time. I can look back with pride for having made the right decision.”


For May ‘15, we will hold over this month’s new question “When I look at old family photos, I feel…” and add “I remember the first time I ate….”

No comment is ever “too late.” We look forward to hearing from you!

Frances Fritzie, Editor

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