Editor’s Note: Following is a page from my spiritual notebook.

Daylight lingered after Saturday’s Vigil mass so I decided to take a drive to the Honda dealership. Maybe there’ll be a car on the lot for me!

After cruising through the used vehicles I sighed. No older cars. My Florida 2005 Honda had been a Certified Used Car and came from that lot five years before. I wanted another just like it to keep in Indiana. Sadly, I discovered certified ones can be no more than five years old.

Maybe they’ll take an older car in trade….

I parked my rental to think and noticed a white Honda near the service area about the age I wanted.

The March Lion’s breath puffed coldly as I got out and looked it over.


Maybe for sale? An older white CRV

A little rust, but hey! Ten winters in Michigan! That’s not out of line. I peered in the windows, but could not tell if it had been traded or someone had just parked it to wait for service on Monday.

I scribbled notes about the car. I’ll call about it Monday.

Ducking back in my warm car, I debated other choices, a silver Honda turned in the closed used car lot. It looked like my Florida car. I watched as it moved slowly to the back of the lot, as I had. Maybe he is looking for a newer car.

The silver vehicle turned back my direction. I’ll ask. No guts, no glory!

As the driver approached, I climbed out of my car and waved at him. In the gray chill of the afternoon, the craggy-looking white-haired man stopped and buzzed down his window.

I spoke first. “Are you interested in selling your car?”

He grinned. “Why? Are you interested in buying?”

I stepped back and glanced over the vehicle. “Yes. How much do you want for it?”

He said nothing and I went on. “I’ve priced CRVs online. What year is yours?”

He returned, “2006.”

“Well, the 2005s are Kelly Blue Book priced from $9,000 to $10,500 depending on condition.” I added, “By the way, my name is Frances.”

I took off my gloves and stuck out my hand. He reached through his window and gripped mine in his larger one. A chilled gust of wind made me hunch in my coat, but I went on. “I’m looking for a car to leave here when I go back to Florida.”

He ventured, “I might be interested in selling.”

I gushed, “I knew there was something in my urge to drive out to Fox Honda after mass!”

He lifted his thick eyebrows. “Mass? I’ve just been to the Vigil myself. Where’d you go?”

God surely sent this man and his Honda to me.

I named my church. “Saint Mary Magdalen.”

He drew his brows together. “Where is that?”


Light of recognition lit his blue eyes. “Isn’t that the church that burned down a few summers ago?”

I nodded. “It is. Where did you go?”

He named a church I did not know and it was my turn to frown. He explained, “It’s new. It’s on Burton Street. Next time you’re on Burton, take a look.”

Afterward, he wrote his number on his church bulletin and I scribbled mine on an old receipt for him. We exchanged numbers and agreed to talk further about my buying his lovely silver CRV.

Sure I would soon buy the lovely car, I drove home in a cloud of happiness.

Monday, I called to the Michigan Secretary of State Office. I wondered how to do a private sale and how to manage with my Florida driver’s license.

Complications unfolded. I would have to register the car in Michigan. Next, I would drive it to Indiana where I had to have its vehicle identification number inspected. It had to “officially” match my title.

An informative lady at the Indiana License bureau suggested a short cut. “The police can inspect the car’s VIN.”

“The police?” I pictured a blue-uniformed man getting out of his cruiser and questioning me.

“Yes. Just drive to the police station. Once your vehicle is verified, bring us two proofs of your address and we can register it.”

Two proofs? I don’t have even one Indiana address yet! I shook my head. Buying a car should not be so hard.

I dialed the man with the silver CRV. Maybe he can help.

His wife answered and said he worked second shift. “Call him tomorrow morning after 11:00 and before 1:00.”

Tuesday morning, I phoned twice, but he didn’t answer. I left a message both times. Did he change his mind? By Wednesday, the man had not returned my call and I was due back in Indiana. During the hundred mile drive, I reconsidered the many steps involved in a Michigan buy. Too complicated! I’ll look for a car near Goshen.

I had been so sure seeing both CRVs and talking to the man in the silver 2006 had been a sign I’d buy from him. What happened to the synchronicity?

Looking back, I see it was a sign, but didn’t mean what I had thought. It wasn’t specific. Instead, it meant God was with me in my used auto search.

Frances Fritzie

Frances Fritzie

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