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driving by trees

Dear Frances,

Reading your mid-month reflection, I was reminded how much I enjoy looking at the woods when I am going for a drive. You described the trees so vividly. 

Take care,


Carolinelee (Apr. ‘15) adds, “I liked the book, The Color Purple better than the movie, too. Happy to see in the April ‘15 issue that KarenLouise agreed with me.” 


Hi Fritzie,

I think I already told you that I was thinking of looking for my son Bryan who’s living on the streets.

I called the detective I had worked with before. He said he didn’t think I should walk around downtown or any place else looking for my son. He told me when people with mental issues want to get lost, they can. He also advised if it were him, he would call Faith Mission, the place Bryan was last seen.

He’d ask the staff there if they would tell Bryan that I wanted to talk to him.

I could leave a number where I can be reached and ask him to call me. He also said if he had any more sightings or information about Bryan he would pass them on to me.

He is a really nice man. I think he might have a friend or family member with mental problems. Most of the people I have talked to about Bryan have some knowledge of what I am dealing with.

I’m going to close for now my friend. Just wanted to update you.

Take care,


Patricia (Apr. ‘15) adds, “Your Amish bus ride to Indiana sounds like fun. Hope you can pull it off and sell your Michigan condo, too.”


Hey Francasupposedtorain –

I was up in Los Angeles to celebrate Seder (Holy Meal before Passover) with my son, Jake, and my ex-husband’s family. It was a fun time.

The next day Jake and I hiked up in the Hollywood hills. We began at (See next page.)

the old Hollywood land development (started in the 20’s for movie folk) then veered off into some wilderness. It’s amazing that there are swathes of unbuilt land so close to Hollywood Boulevard and downtown LA.



Liz/Moascar (Mar.’15) adds, “Later, Jake came and visited me for a few days before he returned to school.”

Jake and I. Notice Hollywood sign top, right.

Jake and I. Notice Hollywood sign top, right.


Dear Frances,

That’s too bad that your buyer for your Michigan condo fell through. Perhaps you’ll find some nice renters and it will work out even better than you had originally hoped.

It sounds like you have firmed up your plans for living half the year in Indiana and half the year in Florida. You said you had a longing to return to your roots. Now what you wanted is happening!

Did you ever ask yourself, “What if our life’s purpose is in our longings?” I don’t mean in the sense of completing tasks because we long for a good grade from St. Peter when we leave here. I think I lived quite

a few years hoping someone in authority would give me a good grade. Work hard, don’t get in trouble, and get an “A” was my motto.

In my middle years, I’ve experienced a shift toward trusting my inner guidance. I mean one’s life’s purpose might rise from our inner urges. Following them can give direction for personal growth.

While I still like to get A’s, it’s not as important as it once was.



KarenLouise (Apr. ‘15) adds, “I seem to find my life’s purpose in following my inner urgings. Does anyone else?”


Dear Frances,

Thank you for your letter and Ninepatch with its notes of encouragement.

Thanks for suggesting I read a page a day from one of my Twelve-Step readers, too. I think it helps me see why my marriage went wrong. It also shows me how far I have come in some areas. It’s great going to church with my brother, David, and his wife. (I missed it!) I have met new people. I’m thinking about joining the evening prayer group and classes are also available.

So, Ninepatch is twenty-years old this year. WOW! Didn’t it start when we had our women’s group? I really liked that meeting. It is a whole new cycle.

The weather is finally getting warmer. We had a few nice days and I saw a robin!

Take care.

Love and prayers,


LindaSue (Apr. ‘15) adds, “I am still working on my cross-stitch when I can.”


Hi Fritzie!

I’m sitting in Germany reading Ninepatch. Just arrived from Baltimore. Atlas (my airline) is flying military families to and fro. I worked the first class cabin. It was a treat. I had never worked that position before on a 747. 

Just finished my recurrent training to update my certification to fly. All flight attendants are required to have a day of instruction every year. We practice CPR, evacuation commands, hazardous materials awareness, security and self-defense as well as techniques for working with other crew members. It’s stress-ful and tiring. I’m always glad when it’s over.

  It’s my third year at this airline, returning to flying after raising my daughter. I recently visited her. She’s living in Oregon and going great. Loved seeing her.

  Life is good but moving along too fast. 


Jodi (Nov. ‘14) adds, “I started this letter last week. Now I am in Baltimore and enjoying my layover. Went out and about and there is a Barnes and Noble close. Love that place. Could live there.”

View while sitting in Germany

View while sitting in Germany

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