Several years ago, I noticed that when I wrote something negative, I felt awful after reading it. After that, I decided to write POSITIVE thoughts and messages. I reasoned there is always someone who needs that reinforcement –even if it’s only me!

When I can get someone to chuckle, I’ve done my job. When in public, go with a smile, not a frown. People DO notice! (Especially in my small town where everyone knows everyone!)

Being smiley and positive helps my cycles of depression, too. My sad spells work rather backward from most who suffer the malady. When I am depressed, I have the tendency to get out in public and attend more meetings, and social functions. When I’m feeling better, I want to stay home. (Go figure!)

I’ve traced back a lot of my hang-ups to childhood. There was one thing (not telling the story here) that happened when I was only seven. Just this past year, I finally figured out what had happened; the situation had bothered me all these years.

In growing older, I notice many of us learn more about ourselves and can realize our potential. I’m happy to be one.

Malaina (Apr. 15) adds, “Here I am, a mother of teens and I still strive to understand myself. I’m FINALLY learning to live with how my brain works!”

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