Editor, Frances replied to our new monthly question, “I remember the first time I ate ….”

I was in high school when I bit into my first piece of pizza. My dad was a meat and potatoes man, and I grew up in a small town with few ethnic people and back then, hamburger was my favorite meal. Pizza was a taste surprise.

It was the 1960s when Chef Boyardee came out with a boxed mix Mother could prepare at home. Daddy laughed at the food kit, and called it “Chief Boy-dee-ay,” but we ate it at least once a month.

During college years, I learned to eat leftover pies cold, for breakfast and still love the cheesy chewy food hot or cold.

Deep dish, thin crust, plain cheese or all toppings, bring it on! Yum.


Next month our newer question, “I remember the first time I ate…” will remain. A new question will join it: “I have a passion for….”

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