Sherryl (Jan. ‘15) shares her comments on “Happy Landings,” the Self-Discovery game from Kokology 2 by Tadahiko Nago and Isamu Saito. When I asked her to share her thoughts on the game and she called her own shots.

I never like these games –because they are never ‘on the money’ for me. Too limited. Why would anyone think that, of all the people on the planet and all the diverse world views, there are only four possible images to choose from?

Anyway, this is what I see after my parachute opens and I float to earth.

I look down on My Home–on a mild summer day. All the windows are open on the porch– even the screen door is flung wide open–to allow for maximum airflow. The butterfly kite is in my front yard, flying high. It is surrounded by three NEW butterfly kites!

Squirrels are at the feeder enjoying seeds and nuts. My car is tucked away in the garage.

Through a window it glints in the sun from the fresh wash. The automobile belonging to that man I love is parked behind it.

Jewel like sun-catchers are sparkling in the open windows and summer flows through


Sherryl hears a different drummer and enjoys stepping to her own beat.

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