June (left) and Frances in 2009

June (left) and Frances in 2009

June Poucher (Apr. ‘15) recalls how she met Frances.

A number of years ago, my friend, Helen, and I attended a weekly discussion group at a church in Avon Park, Fl. That’s where I met Frances. I felt an almost instant rapport with her. She was friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable. She told me about Ninepatch and I soon subscribed. I became a contributor of letters, articles and book reviews.

As I got more familiar with the newsletter, she invited me to become a board member and later, the treasurer. I served in those positions for about seventeen years.

During that time, Frances urged me to learn the computer and to write more. Later I wrote a little book about my husband and me building a log cabin in the mountains. Frances, and my daughter Judy who is a published author, encouraged and guided me through that process.

For my birthday a couple of years ago, Frances collected, edited and published a book of my Ninepatch writings. I am so grateful for her thoughtful help and friendship.

She’s still a teacher at heart. We keep in touch almost daily.”

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