Grass and Flowers

Grass and Flowers

Longtime reader, LindaSue (also see her letter this issue) says, “I played your game, ‘Happy Landings.’ If I were floating slowly earthward under the canopy of my open parachute, I would like to see a very big, very soft field of grass and flowers.

I am afraid of heights and falling. (I have had many falls.) I ask myself, ‘Why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?’ Ouch!

About this response, choice number one, authors of Kokology 2, More of the Game of Self-Discovery have several comments. “You are the eternal optimist. You can probably smell the flowers from eight thousand feet and were pleased to note that the grass was growing especially thick to cushion your fall. At this altitude, life is beautiful; just don’t get so engrossed in the view that you forget to tuck and roll.”

LindaSue agrees with Tadahiko Nagao and Isamu Saito. She says, “I am glad to see my choice makes me an ‘eternal optimist,’ and yes, I would be happy to see grass growing, especially thick to cushion my fall!”

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