Editor, Frances offers her initial thoughts. “I read “passion” as Passion!

I’ve heard that Americans are obsessed with sex. I may be a good example. When I saw “passion for” I thought of torrid kisses and steamed up car windows.

Of course, there are other kinds of passion. There’s Christ’s passion which was hardly steamy since it is what drove him to accept his destiny on the cross.

Mostly, I don’t recognize my drives as passions. (I suppose my Midwest, conservative Puritanical thinking would not allow me to be so unladylike.)

The closest thing I can think of as a passion would be my urge to express myself and encourage others to do the same –a Ninepatch goal.

Still hoping others will chime in on this matter.


Old question, “I have a passion for…” will remain, new question for July is,

It helps me to look on the bright side when…”

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