(Part I of II)

For years, it never occurred to me to question the reality of the person who saved my life in Sydney, Australia’s peak-hour traffic. At 5 PM, the exodus was in full flood. As the offices all emptied throughout downtown, people poured onto the sidewalks, headed for buses and the subway.

Ahead of me, I saw a sea of people, a thousand bobbing heads. Anxious to get home, they were moving at a good pace, but there was no way I could push through the throng or go any faster. As usual, I was in a hurry–I don’t remember why.

Heading south on George Street, all I could see were the backs of the people in front of me. I hit on the idea of waiting for a break in the oncoming traffic, then stepping off the sidewalk to go around the people in front of me. I would step back up to the sidewalk a few yards further on. I completed this maneuver several times successfully and was making some progress.

Filled with my success, I forgot to look up as I stepped around the suits in front of me.

Suddenly, a strong arm grabbed me by the elbow and yanked me back up on the sidewalk just as a double-decker bus went roaring past in a cloud of exhaust, a foot from the curb. I glimpsed the startled horror of the driver–there was no way he could have stopped.

It was over in seconds. I turned to thank my savior, but there was no one there except self-absorbed suits hurrying by. I had no idea who had saved me.

For many years, I have sent thoughts of gratitude to my anonymous helper. I always wondered why I didn’t have the chance to thank him or her. The hand seemed to have simply reached out between the hurrying people.

Now I think I know.

It was my guardian angel!

Sandy (May ‘15) gives us an update, “My angels talked to me, quite loudly in fact, I was once padding my kayak on the Rainbow River in Florida and a loud voice in my head said, ‘You’d better watch out for those wasps’ nests!’ I looked up and they were EVERYWHERE! It was a miracle I had not hit one with my paddle. I backed out of there, very carefully.”

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